Digital Connect

We enable an integrated and responsive business model connecting every stakeholder for an efficient and agile business model with real-time analytics and insights. Time to market and cost to market is the key to improve the bottom line. A collaborative digital platform changes the way customer and company systems interact. The seamless data exchange and multi channel delivery ensures an enhanced stakeholder experience.

Our Offerings

1.Digital Strategy: Process assessment and enablement strategy
2.Digital Analytics:
3.Digital Enablement: Enable the digital strategy through optimum use of technology, process optimization and efficient workflow management.
4.Mobility Solutions:
5.Prototype: See your ideas translate into actionable solutions through prototypes. Infinitum Global experts can help test implement your solutions giving     
   you the much-needed predictability and budgeting insights.

Case Study

Financial and Investor guidance reporting process for one of the largest EPC companies with multiple subsidiaries was experiencing the growth pains and the constraints of ever increasing manual processes. Infinitum Global consultants designed a strategy to minimize the manual processes and eliminate human induced error possibility in data consolidation and validation. Integrated the financial data flow from 70+ group companies comprising of 6 different financial solutions in a cloud based newly architected central data repository.

The overall solution was designed with enhanced security, robust workflow and automated data validation for data integration and consolidation. Standardized analytics tools with standardized reporting templates enhanced the user experience and dashboards gave real-time insights and trend analysis capabilities. The solution is multi browser and multi form factor compliant giving the users a flexibility to use any device from any place capability.

The final strategy and solution led to a reduction in time for data consolidation, integration and validation by 70%. The final solution gave the senior management an early view to the consolidated financials, insights and ad-hoc reporting; much needed trend analysis and reducing the time to report the Investor guidance metrics.