iBricks® a framework for EPC industries

Our EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) solution offers an integrated mobile app hosted on cloud. This strong framework consists of a process workflow engine, time tracking and real-time analytics. Easy to integrate and enable new processes, it will give you a head start for any project. The intuitive job and task wise time tracker, timesheet, job progress and reporting application gives the same user experience from desktop to mobile app. It has easy to configure admin screens for input parameters per every specific company needs.

Life Sciences and Healthcare industry

The Life Sciences and Healthcare industry is going through major realignment phase in US and world over. The call for business transparency and controlling rising costs are getting a renewed look. The rise of generic drugs, tightening regulations, digitization leading to integration of insurance, healthcare providers (HCP), suppliers, the pharma companies and the multi channel interactions with the patients and the doctors bring in new challenges. Infinitum Global with its team of digital experts and their industry knowledge bring on table innovative thinking, process realignment and in-depth analytics capability across the entire ecosystem.
Infinitum Global offers the next generation digital solutions to connect efficiently this ecosystem and bring in the insights much needed to optimize the current approach and investments. We understand such a digital solution requires robust workflow based end-to-end data integration capabilities across trusted data sources, establishing cross-linkages between various data elements, quality assurance, security and FDA compliance.


1.Collaborative Ecosystem: Optimize and harmonize the data touch points for improved insights. Integration of consumers, insurance companies, HCPs    and Pharmacies leading to
    a. Predictive modeling of processes to drug distribution and consumption.
    b. Insights into sales, consumption pattern, success rates and competition (generic offerings).
    c. Cost optimization and ROI on sales and marketing of drugs in the value chain.
    d. Integrate social media and other digital channels in sales, marketing and campaign to continuously improve insights
2.Real-time Analysis: Ability to fine-tune analytics and insights - leverage algorithms/ AI engines to link doctors, HCPs, external digital sources and     historical data in improving campaign efficiencies, marketing strategy and insights (end consumer/ Doctors/ HCPs).
3.Multi-Chanel Delivery: Get a unified content management and reporting across desktops and mobile.