Infinitum Global is led by a team of industry experts, providing a broad range of services and solutions in IT strategy and digital technology, We help organizations optimize performance and maximize stakeholder satisfaction through technology solutions and process enablement. We help right size solutions with a view to reduce go to market cycle and increased client satisfaction. New business models require a human face, real-time stakeholder interactions and insights.Digital strategy brings in this paradigm shift in business.Ready industry specific frameworks and building blocks expedite this journey and reducing costs. Our EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) solution offers an integrated mobile app hosted on cloud.This strong framework consists of a process workflow engine and real-time analytics. Easy to integrate and enable new processes, it will give you a head start for any project. The healthcare framework offers a readymade patient doctor workflow and insights.The application has open APIs for easy integration with host of third party applications.

Infinitum Global business offering are:

1.Digital Connect
2.Data Solutions
3.Mobile Lab
4.Industry Solutions
   b.Readymade Frameworks
5.Staffing Solutions

Our Services:

1.Advisory Services - Digital Strategy and Blueprint, Cloud migration readiness, Analytics and New insights.
2.Prototype development - Work as an incubation center to test ideas, develop web-services, do cost effective PoCs with a quick turnaround.
3.Application Development and Maintenance